Updates, balance changes, future plans, and more discussed in latest Roboquest Devblog

Despite still being in Early Access, Roboquest is already revered as one of the best FPS roguelites out there with its amazing gunplay and a decent amount of content. Now, even more content is on its way.

The developers of Roboquest have released its tenth Devblog which touches on multiple topics. One of the main topics revolved around the Rogue’n’Roll update and unfortunately, the said update will not be recognized as such anymore, and instead will be a normal update that will be released together with the Summer Update.

“We finally arrived at a crossroads where we had to choose whether or not calling it and releasing the Rogue’n’Roll update was still relevant. The answer we came up with was that it’s not the case”, said the devs.

Now combined with the Rogue’n’Roll update, the Summer update looks pretty promising with the addition of weapon categories, the shopkeepers, the XP orbs removal, and most class changes, but the most important update of all is the implementation of public matchmaking and cross-platform functionality.

There are even more changes listed on the devblog which you can read here, but you don’t have to wait for long as the devs target the end of June to release the Summer Update.

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