The Roboquest Summer Playtest is now live!

As previously reported here, the Rogue’n’Roll update was canceled and all of its updates were moved to the Summer Update, which was announced for a release at the end of June. As it turns out, the end of June came early as RyseUp Studios just announced that the Summer Update is now live.

One of the featured updates in this patch is the Cross-Platform compatibility. Players may now invite friends from other platforms to your party by sending them your session ID (found in the multiplayer menu, use the ‘copy’ button). Your friend will then have to enter this ID in the multiplayer menu to join your game. This will work regardless of what region you’re playing in.

Players will now also be able to search for other teammates in the Multiplayer menu through online Matchmaking using the quick play button. Matchmaking will try to find another player from your selected region to minimize latency issues, but for now, RyseUp has mentioned that the search criteria are currently completely wide and won’t take into account things such as basecamp progression.

The rest of the updates, which are a LOT of them, include weapons updates, items removal, the addition of shopkeepers, another rework of the health flow, and tons of other updates.

In order to play the Summer Playtest:

  1. Go to your game library.
  2. Right-click Roboquest.
  3. Go into ‘Properties’, head over to the ‘Beta’ tab, and opt for the ‘Roboquest Playtest’ branch.

Once all of the steps have been followed the game should download the playtest version. Keep note that your progress is separated from the standard branch, but don’t worry, the playtest version comes with enough wrenches to purchase all basecamp upgrades so you don’t have to grind to try out changes that would potentially be gated behind them.

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