SEGA announces ENDLESS Dungeon’s Closed Beta start

Videogame powerhouse SEGA has announced that the isometric dungeon roguelite ENDLESS Dungeon will be entering its Closed Beta phase from September 7th to the 18th of this year. This will happen one month before its global release on October 19th.

The game will grant Closed Beta access to anyone who pre-ordered the Last Wish Edition of the game on Steam or Epic Games Store and with it, the following content:

  • 4 heroes to incarnate, plus Hero Quest content for the very first time!
  • 15 types of monsters to face (of the Bug, Blob, and Bot variety)
  • 5 districts to explore (Astral Harbor, Devotion Garden, Labor Colony, Procedural Factory, Life
  • 2 bosses to smash…or get smashed by! (Cagekeeper, Bug Momma)
  • Co-op multiplayer with up to 3 players
  • Multi-language

In addition, Last Wish Edition owners on Steam will receive two additional licenses for a special “multiplayer only” version of the game that they can gift to two friends via Steam’s gift system. This access will only last for the duration of the Closed Beta.

To pre-order the game, go to or visit the game’s page on Steam or Epic.

Check out the ENDLESS Dungeon’s closed beta trailer here:

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