Someone is destroying Sifu’s bosses without getting hit in stylish fashion

I think we can all agree that Sifu is a pretty damn hard game and likely to have been the cause of some smashed keyboards, mice flying through windows, and a fair share of expletives. Some people even say it’s as difficult, if not more than Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, but I’m steering clear of that take.

Surely, while most people find something very challenging, expect some select people in the world to be the diamonds in the rough and make the game look like child’s play, someone who makes things look easy and look good doing it. The same can be told with Sifu and one of those diamonds in the rough goes by the handle LiquidDrone.

LiquidDrone has compiled numerous feats on his Youtube channel, including finishing runs as both a 20-year-old young man and a 75-year-old master, both without any shortcuts, weapons, or shrines. He also teaches people why certain moves should be used like the Snap Kick, Hook Intercept, and he even posted a video on how to embarrass Fajar using only the Duck Strike! But his signature move is definitely the Flowing Claw, an evasive strike that is good on both offense and defense.

As if his accomplishments aren’t crazy enough, he also has beaten some of the hardest bosses in the game without breaking a sweat. In fact, he didn’t even get hit once! What’s even more impressive is the way he styles on all these bosses as they get taken care of one by one.

Someone is destroying Sifu's bosses without getting hit in stylish fashion

The way Yang disposes of the bosses with style and grace feels like I’m watching an actual Kung Fu flick. Kung Fu in its purest form is both beautiful and deadly, and it’s exactly what’s on display.

You can watch the rest of Liquid Drone’s videos by going to his youtube page.

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