Skul: The Hero Slayer – Mythology Pack DLC Announced

SOUTHPAW GAMES, the developers of Skul: The Hero Slayer, have announced the game’s first-ever DLC, the “Mythology Pack.” The DLC is scheduled to be released in November alongside the Demon King Castle Defense update.

As the name suggests, the Mythology Pack DLC will feature new content inspired by legendary mythologies. The DLC will introduce five new skulls, each with its own unique gameplay mechanics. The developers have stated that the new skulls will require a bit more skill to master compared to the existing line-up of skulls.

In addition to the new skulls, the Mythology Pack DLC will also include 20 new items inspired by the mythologies related to the new skulls. All of the new items will have a unique inscription called [Mystery]. The new items have been designed to complement both the new skulls and the pre-existing ones.

Players can select one of the new skulls at the start of a new playthrough. Once unlocked, the new skulls can also be obtained through the Bone Grave and Headless NPC in subsequent playthroughs. The new items will become available through Treasure Chests and the Collector NPC once the corresponding skull has been unlocked.

The developers are excited to see the amazing combinations players will come up with using the new skulls and items. They hope that the Mythology Pack DLC will provide a new and intriguing gameplay experience for Skul: The Hero Slayer players.

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