Someone is completing Binding of Isaac boss challenges with the greatest of ease

Most players find The Binding of Isaac to be a pretty challenging game. Some might say the game is hard, and I’m one of those players admittedly. One Isaac player though is doing all sorts of insane challenges and beats them before any controllers were smashed.

A Reddit user nicknamed BIG_SMOOOOOOOHKE_PL has been posting on The Binding of Isaac’s subreddit for a while now uploading videos of him beating the game’s numerous bosses using the most obscure of weapons, and manages to do it without even breaking a sweat.

Using console commands, he sets up the challenge given by his fellow Isaac redditors, which includes the boss, the map, and the weapon he needs to be them with. Once everything is set, he does his magic and posts how many times it took him to finish the challenge and rates it among the other challenges he’s beaten.

Here are some of his amazing feats:

And here’s his most recent accomplishment where he was able to beat ragman using only dry baby, a “weapon” that only triggers 10% of the time whenever said baby manages to block a projectile.

Other than his Reddit user account, BIG_SMOOOOOOOHKE_PL doesn’t have any social media accounts to follow him on, but he plans on streaming on Twitch soon, so if you want to watch him do these challenges live, go to his official Twitch channel.

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