Discounts aplenty in Steam’s “Going Rogue” event

Roguelite games take center stage this week as Steam has gone rogue with its Festival of Persistence. From May 2 – 9, Steam will feature a plethora of roguelite games, along with other games from the roguelike, souls-like, and metroidvania genres, and all will be on sale.

The event features current and upcoming games on sale, from popular titles like Dead Cells, Slay the Spire, and Enter the Gungeon, to newly-released games like Rogue Legacy 2, Cavity Busters, and Peglin. Some notable non-roguelite games include Nioh 2, Hollow Knight, and STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order.

Also featured at the event is an article enumerating the differences between a roguelike and roguelite game, and the origins of the “Rogue” term.

In celebration of this event, SirActionSlacks, TrentPax, and Uberdanger were invited to stream a wide variety of roguelike and roguelite games, starting with the original “Rogue” game, then proceeding with other roguelite games like Spelunky 2 and Vampire Survivors.

For more information regarding the “Going Rogue” event, head to the official Going Rogue Steam Page. You can also watch the “Going Rogue Explainer” youtube video directly below.

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