Upcoming Roguelite Games For This Week: November 28 – December 4, 2022

The holidays are arriving and the roguelite genre is flourishing! Let’s take a look at the amazing games coming out this week.


Hello, roguemates! Cerebro here from roguelites.com and things are heating up again as we have 11 roguelite games coming out this week, so let’s go over the list right after the intro.

We’re starting off this week with the Switch port of one of the top Deckbuilder Roguelites of 2021, Inscryption.

The game is described as an inky black card-based odyssey that blends the deckbuilding roguelite, escape-room style puzzles, and psychological horror into a blood-laced smoothie.

Acquire a deck of woodland creature cards by draft, surgery, and self-mutilation, and unlock the secrets lurking behind the walls of Leshy’s cabin.

A dark cloud looms over the Nintendo Switch horizon when Inscryption launches on December 1.

Straight out of a fever dream, here is… Ooglians, an RTS tower defense roguelite.

Ooglians are a mysterious species. It’s unknown whether they are technophobes or destructophiles, but they sure love smashing machinery to bits, so it’s your duty to protect your machines.

If your reactor dies, the game is over, so protect your reactors at all times when Ooglians launches on December 1.

Surpass the challenges of the Spire in Spire of Glory, an auto-battler strategy roguelite.

Fight your way through the Spire to climb to the top. You start as weak as it gets and will need to make the right choices to get strong enough to survive the Spire’s challenges.

Your legacy begins now, so prove your worth when Spire of Glory launches on December 1.

Join a long lineage of Hunters as you run and gun through the wild west in this isometric action roguelite, Falsepine.

You take on the role of a lineage of monster hunters tasked with tracking down and defeating 5 legendary creatures across the untamed West. Use all your wits and skill to combat these dangerous foes and come out victorious.

The game offers a variety of playstyles to suit all types of hunters. Do you want to be an unstoppable pickaxe-wielding barbarian or perhaps an agile high-damage sniper? Utilize 35 different weapons and tools, pairing them with a variety of Talismans and Artifacts to create different builds for every new adventure.

Prepare to hunt when Falsepine launches on December 2.

Become the very best like no one ever was in Siralim Ultimate, a monster catcher RPG roguelite dungeon crawler.

Summon over 1200 different creatures and travel through randomly generated dungeons to acquire resources, new creatures, and loot.

One of the innovative features of this game is its fusion system. Creatures can be fused together, and the offspring inherits both parents’ stat spreads, traits, and even their physical appearance! There are over a million possible combinations, ensuring that no two players will have the same team!

A couple of days shy of a year after its PC release, Siralim Ultimate has found a new home on the Nintendo Switch as it launches on December 2.

Battle the undead horde in Twisted Draw, a card-based tactics roguelite set in a medieval realm.

The Necromancer threatens to wipe out life as we know it, and it’s up to you to collect and command powerful units and spells to keep the hordes of undead at bay.

Fill your deck with damage-dealing spells, melee units, range units, and buffs to defeat the onslaught of the undead.

The fate of the world rests in your hands when Twisted Draw launches on December 2.

Developer and publisher Mountain & Sea Studio has prepared an amazing trailer for the interactive full-motion video roguelite Underworld Island so I’ll step aside for the remainder of the video. Underworld Island launches on December 2.

Take on huge mobs of enemies and destroy them all in Vicious Growth, an isometric action RPG roguelite.

Evolve your abilities and push yourself through procedurally generated levels. Think hard about your choices, itemize well, and use your skills to reach the end.

There are no wrong ways to play the game, so have a blast when Vicious Growth launches on December 2.

It’s time to go on an extraterrestrial adventure in BLANK SPACE, a twin-stick shooter roguelite.

Your mission is to infiltrate an automatically generated enemy spaceship and fight in zero gravity. Use your high-speed jetpack and unique items to play with your enemies.

There are over 20 different types of guns and sub-weapons available. Find the most powerful weapons in the universe and creatively build your battles.

Conquer and rule the entire universe when BLANK SPACE launches on December 3.

Fight, fight, and fight some more in CRAP, a card-based strategy auto-battler roguelite.

Before you get any steaming pile of ideas, CRAP stands for Card Random Auto Player.

Choose your Hero, select a supporter and start and search for an enemy. Choose wisely between artifacts, stat cards, and weapons to win against your opponent. Win the Best of 3 and get rank points.

With a ton of unlockable loot cards, hero card parts, and emblems, you’ll be collecting for a long time when CRAP launches on December 3.

The last game this week is Warlords Under Siege, an isometric real-time strategy roguelite.

Build a small city and defend it against continuous waves of enemies. Command your men, build high walls, improve the town buildings, and lead your mighty hero into the middle of the fray!

Growing up on Starcraft, Warcraft, Command and Conquer, and Age of Empires, I’m really intrigued by how an RTS game would mesh well with roguelite elements, and I don’t have to wait that long to find out as Warlords Under Siege is set to release on December 3.

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