Upcoming Roguelite Games For This Week: April 24-30, 2023

It’s been a very busy week for the roguelite genre with tons of quality releases and bullet heavens galore!


Hello, roguemates! Cerebro here from Roguelites.com and this week is an incredibly busy one for the genre as we have 18 roguelite games coming out and we’re giving you all the information in just a moment.

We begin the week with MISTROGUE: Mist and the Living Dungeons, a hack-and-slash action roguelite.

The game is characterized by the “living dungeons” where the structure dynamically changes in front of your eyes. Fight through them using vital equipment and skills, and the “Maze Stone”, which enables you to modify the dungeon’s structure.

Your character can equip four types of equipment: weapons, shields, bangles, and rings. Weapons, shields, and bangles have inherent skills. Effectively mix and match these skills to increase the synergy between skills.

The Maze comes to life as MISTROGUE: Mist and the Living Dungeons launches on April 24.

A unique roguelite that plagued the PC realm last month is hacking its way to the Nintendo Switch: the clever hacking simulator roguelite DROP – System Breach.

You are a promising hacker with huge ambitions, an empty bank account, and the burning desire to prove yourself. When your actions attract the attention of a notorious hacker group, The Swarm, life gets complicated – real quick.

Play an unfolding story campaign through unique missions. Explore the opportunities offered by the numerous factions with their agendas and assignments. Work against time, firewalls, and other nerve-racking hazards to get paid.

Hack your way to fame and fortune when DROP – System Breach launches on the Nintendo Switch on April 25.

Prepare for a hyperspeed space chase in PhaigeX: Hyperspace Survivors, a space-themed bullet heaven roguelite.

Contain a growing incursion of rogue AI-controlled units. Pilot a variety of ships, use a myriad of upgrades, and lay down heavy firepower against the growing menace.

Bob, weave, evade, and shoot through a space sector filled to the brim with enemies.

Shoot your way out of trouble when PhaigeX: Hyperspace Survivors launches on April 25.

Slash through hordes of enemies and become the ultimate swordmaster in Samurai Survivors, a 2D bullet heaven roguelite.

Choose from a variety of weapons and upgrades to create game-breaking synergies. Survive against unique types of enemies as you get older and suffer from the curse of undying.

Slice and dice everyone who gets in your path when Samurai Survivors launches on April 25.

Find the right words to say in Desta: The Memories Between, a cozy team-based tactics adventure roguelite.

Fall into a mysterious dream world, grab your emotionally-charged ball, track your opponent’s strategy, and work tactically with your ultimate dream team to throw the best shot and get to the heart of the conversation.

The game combines ustwo games’ approach to character storytelling with distinctive team-based tactics and physics gameplay, featuring strategic chess-like play with perfect physics precision.

Don’t let your dreams turn into nightmares when Desta: The Memories Between launches on all current-gen platforms on April 26.

Take on the role of a young Shinobi in a Japanese-inspired cyberpunk universe in Katana-Ra: Shinobi Rising, an isometric action roguelite.

You have 8 hours to solve a murder mystery and discover the culprit behind the death of an innocent child heiress. You can choose to play in full stealth mode or mix in action combat when you want.

The game plays out in real-time and from your start at night on the outskirts of the Clan Kata village, to 8 hours later when dawn breaks. Find and decipher the clues that will lead to your discovery of the real murderer responsible.

Come out guns blazing or lurk in the shadows. The choice is yours when Katana-Ra: Shinobi Rising launches on April 26.

Get into the dark atmosphere of dungeons full of monsters and madness in The Excrawlers, a 2D hack-and-slash roguelite.

As you play, you will encounter the most controversial characters. Help, kill, or avoid is up to you, but remember that everything has consequences.

On your way, you will meet five completely different locations – from a steel cave full of medieval robots to a parallel dimension, the secrets of which only a madman can learn.

Originally launching on the PC last February, The Excrawlers now launches on the Nintendo Switch on April 26.

Uncover a sinister conspiracy in Together in Battle, a tactics strategy RPG roguelite.

Recruit and manage charming characters. Stay stocked on food, make payroll, and keep your characters practicing. Your actions could either lower their morale or motivate them to be stronger.

Every character you recruit has distinct traits, personal histories, beliefs, hobbies, and secrets. You’ll never get the same character twice. Learn what makes each character tick as they grow and form powerful bonds of friendship!

You cannot win the battle alone, so get your friends and fight Together in Battle as the game launches on April 26.

Attempt to reset an evil rogue AI in this beautiful Cyberpunk-styled action roguelite ArcRunner.

Engage in a thrilling, Cyberpunk-styled roguelite shooter as you venture through a futuristic space station to reset an evil AI gone rogue. Clash in gunfights with swarms of deadly sentient robotic enemies, programmed with one objective – your annihilation.

Team up with friends, or traverse ‘The Arc’ solo. Experiment with different weapons and augments as you fight hordes of machines programmed for your annihilation!

The cyberworld is yours for the taking when ArcRunner launches on all current-gen platforms on April 27.

Explore ancient ruins in Dungeon Drafters, a tile-based roguelite dungeon crawler set in a world where magic is cards, and cards are magic.

Choose your character, create your unique spell deck, and plunge into the ancient dungeons on a quest to rid the world of evil and forbidden cards. Battle it out in tile-based combat with your spell deck to execute incredible combos that devastate the battlefield.

Venture into any of the six dungeons in the world. Learn the tricks of each of the area’s monsters, and make adjustments to your deck accordingly. As you explore dungeons, you’ll have the opportunity to either dive deeper or return to the Town to secure your spoils. Be careful not to dive too deep and lose your loot!

A wonderful adventure awaits when Dungeon Drafters launches on all current-gen platforms on April 27.

Save your village from the monstrous Wurm in Slime Knight, a 3D bullet heaven roguelite.

Use an extendable slime arm to “dissolve”, punch, grab, and throw enemies in order to save your slime brethren. Your extendable arm is deceptively simple but offers you a bevy of tools to handle a variety of situations.

If you deal enough damage to an enemy while it is clutched in your gooey fist, you can finish them off by devouring them completely. Doing so will grant you unique abilities that could help get you out of a desperate situation.

Have a blubbing good time when Slime Knight launches on April 27.

Survive with the help of the ultimate killing machine in Super Kill-BOI 9000, an arena-style bullet heaven roguelite.

Choose from a large variety of weapons and upgrades to combine them and make Kill-BOI 9000 stronger. Unlock weapons, armor, and hats to customize your loadout.

It is EXACTLY 9000 as Super Kill-BOI 9000 launches on April 27.

Another recently-released game on the PC transitions to the Nintendo Switch as the top-down shooter roguelite Super Trunko Go looks to give the Nintendo Switch, well, a go!

Find those super weapon add-ons and blast your way through different biomes and enemies to save the planet. Each level requires you to clear nearby enemies to access further zone points. Don’t forget to search for the Tri Key to unlock the Tri Door to clear each level.

Originally launching on the PC back in February, Super Trunko Go now shoots its way to the Nintendo Switch as it launches on April 27.

Explore a vast world and create your own sky island in Crystarise, an open-world action roguelite.

In this endless world, monsters, dungeons, frigid snowfields, scorching hot deserts, and various other threats will be waiting for you. Make full use of any combination of actions to search for unknown resources beyond the threats.

As your character grows with the island, the scope of your exploration will expand. The island can be expanded as much as you like, and you can place as many things as you like, so create your own island and build your own character to your heart’s content.

The island is your oyster when Crystarise launches on April 28.

Save humanity from the zombie threat in Great Again, a 3D bullet heaven roguelite.

Save serum, and rescue hostages with your dogs Abbey and Amy while killing zombies along the way. Scavenge for resources to upgrade your weapons and equipment to be better prepared to take on the zombie horde.

Eviscerate the zombie threat once and for all, and make the world Great Again as the game launches on April 28.

Fight your way to become a legend in Sole Saga, a 2D bullet heaven roguelite.

Fight against waves of enemies, build up your character with unique weapons and skills, and travel between the land of chaos to challenge epic bosses.

Choose your favorite hero that comes with their unique weapon and skill and slay your way through waves of enemies and eventually earn the right to challenge the false gods.

Defeat false gods to become a God yourself when Sole Saga launches on April 28.

Defend yourself from waves of relentless enemies in TETRAGUN, a quadrant-based shooter roguelite.

Control a turret surrounded on all sides by unrelenting waves of enemies. Choose from a wide variety of upgrades that will help you hold back your enemies and allow you to discover powerful synergies, but be warned, your enemies will also gain access to upgrades and abilities that will make them more of a threat.

Trouble comes from all sides so watch out when TETRAGUN launches on April 28.

The last game this week is The Last Case of Benedict Fox, a platformer Metroidvania roguelite, and developer Plot Twist and publisher Rogue Games, Inc. have prepared an informative trailer for it, so I’ll step aside for the remainder of the video. The Last Case of Benedict Fox launches on the PC, Xbox Series X and S, and Xbox One on April 28.

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