Upcoming Roguelite Games For This Week: August 22-28, 2022

It’s a perfect week as we have ten roguelite games coming out next week, so hold on to your wallets!


Hello, roguemates! Cerebro here from roguelites.com and ten roguelite games are coming out this week, so let’s jump right into the action!

We’re starting off this week with Prime of Flames, a tactics strategy roguelite developed and published by Rayka Studio.

Lead the warriors of different clans to find the truth of history. Each clan has its own unique talents and abilities that will help you on your journey.

You can recruit an army of beasts to help you, or build a huge bronze colossus, or even construct a magic field to defeat the powerful enemies.

Find the truth of history and disaster when Prime of Flames launches on August 23.

Prepare for a crazy good time in Madville Plus, a top-down shooter roguelite.

Fight incoming waves of aliens and customize your guns as you go through 30 to 40-minute play sessions.

Is this madness? No, this is Madville Plus, and it’s launching on August 24.

Lead warriors blessed by Egyptian gods and fight against the invading Roman army in Warriors of the Nile 2, a turn-based tactics strategy roguelite.

Choose your adventure route, strategize and make preparations amidst ever-changing stage conditions, then move with precision as you fire away. Create a unique skill build by choosing from an array of skill tablets.

What’s different from the original version is that in the new Warriors of the Nile squad, each character possesses a trademark skillset. Not only have attack modes changed, but the new feature-packed individual system will bring an all-new dynamic into the game.

Get ready to topple the Roman empire when Warriors of the Nile 2 launches on August 24.

Prepare for intense gunfighting in Decorporation, a fast-paced violent FPS roguelite set in a Kafkaesque-like labyrinth full of office space.

Be prepared to limbo dance between bullets, just remember not to get yourself into a coma!

You can use a gun like a normal person, but who needs a gun when faced with keyboards, mouses, and… CHAIRS!

It’s all in a day’s work when Decorporation launches on August 25.

Deliver the crown that brings order to Void Monvitrese in DodgeKing, a battle-network-inspired, action grid-based survival roguelite!

Dodge, jump, shield, slow down time and whack your sword against a set of evolving robotic enemies that are attempting to steal the crown.

Try to make it to the castle alive when DodgeKing launches on August 26.

It’s a race against time in Force Reboot, a first-person shooter roguelite inspired by Post Void and Ultrakill.

Your mission is to clear each room before you can move on, but you need to be quick because your health is constantly dropping.

The game doesn’t seem to have a plot, but the fast-paced action is all you need as Force Reboot launches on August 26.

If there’s a “most unique roguelite of the week” award, then Double Damnation, a momentum-based co-op platformer roguelite, will probably win it this week.

Maneuver around the levels with a friend and your options are limitless from the beginning.

This game can only be played with a controller and a friend, so find a friend and die together as Double Damnation launches on August 27.

Survive the depths of hell in Hellway to Hell, a retro-style roguelite dungeon crawler.

The game is inspired by Bomberman’s stealth elements and Diablo’s hack’n’slash and RPG elements, and Developer Jakub Domaszewicz hopes he brings the best of both worlds when Hellway to Hell launches on August 27.

Kill the alien invaders for the sake of humanity in Marine Survivors, a 2D bullet heaven roguelite.

You are a military volunteer and your mission is simple: to eliminate all alien threat. Earn XP gems, upgrade your weapons and unlock various collections to help you in future runs.

Humanity’s very existence is at stake when Marine Survivors launches on August 27.

The final game this week is Soulstone Survivors: Prologue, an isometric bullet heaven roguelite.

Face the Lords of the Void and their endless minions, collect their Soulstones, unveil secret spells, craft mighty weapons, unlock multiple characters, discover game-breaking synergies, and conquer the power of the void.

This is the free version of Soulstone Survivors which is releasing sometime in 2022, so while you wait for the full game, get your hands on Soulstone Survivors: Prologue as it launches on August 27.

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