Upcoming Roguelite Games For This Week: December 19-25, 2022

Christmas week is upon us, but the roguelite genre is still pumping out awesome games left and right!


Hello, roguemates! Cerebro here from Roguelites.com, and it’s Christmas Week, and the devs seem to take this week off to relax and be with their loved ones as we only have 6 games coming out this week, so let’s get through the list and check it twice!

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We’re starting off this week strong with Aero Striker – World Invasion, a unique flight combat simulator/action shooter roguelite.

The whole premise of the game is to enjoy yourself and relax after a stressful day of work while shooting evil aliens that are trying to take over the world.

The game has 5 different modes: “Kill the unique enemy” where you hunt down 3 golden enemies in order to proceed to the next round, “Score Attack” where you kill as many aliens as possible and reach a new high score, “Gather Resources” where you need to find all hidden energy crystals that are hidden in the level, “Boss Battle” where you defeat a giant alien that appears as fast as possible, and “Gate Defence” where you need to defeat the retreating aliens before they reach the stargate.

Let none of the evil aliens escape when Aero Striker – World Invasion launches on the Nintendo Switch on December 19.

Gather fellows and defeat enemies in Summoner’sSurvival, a 2D bullet heaven roguelite.

As with most bullet heavens, the game is easy to pick up as you only need to move around and your fellows will do the fighting for you.

Unlock achievements and add more fellows! The more your crew grows in number, the stronger it becomes.

Prove that there’s strength in numbers when Summoner’sSurvival launches on December 19.

Prepare to celebrate Christmas the way it’s meant to be: with tons of metal and mayhem in Headbangers in Holiday Hell, a twin-stick shooter roguelite.

Shoot your way out of trouble using a colorful arsenal of weapons: From a guitar axe to a spicy water pistol, a flamethrower, or even a vinyl of death!

Free your fellow Headbangers and neighbors from hordes of insane Christmas elves and other creepy minions.

It’s time to jingle Santa’s bells when Headbangers in Holiday Hell launches on the Nintendo Switch on December 21.

Build your road strategically in Ravage Road, a 2D tower defense deckbuilder roguelite.

Choose wisely as you build the road from your evil tower outwards into the beautiful landscape around it to conquer and claim the region tile by tile. Hire minions, upgrade your cards, and prepare your defenses against the heroes riding against you.

You control the direction of the road, choose where to place tiles, how to rotate them, and when to split your path and how to build out branches to maximize tower efficiency and create brutal death traps to decimate the incoming waves of would-be heroes!

It’s a long road to victory when Ravage Road launches on December 21.

One of the most underrated roguelites of all time is coming to the Xbox Store: the top-down shooter roguelite Wally and the FANTASTIC PREDATORS.

Explore Wally’s wholesome, weird-as-heck, scrappy adventure oozing with charm and humor either solo or with a friend. Conquer dungeon after dungeon which is as difficult as they are incredible.

I always hold this game in high regard as it is so incredibly detailed, fast-paced, and action-filled, and the fact that the game is developed by one person makes it all the more impressive!

Become the predator, not the prey when Wally and the FANTASTIC PREDATORS launches on the Xbox Store on December 21.

The last game this week is Tower Princess, a 3D platformer roguelite developed by AweKteam and published by HypeTrain Digital.

Experience a day in the life of a knight! Sharpen the spear and make the Dragon run in fear! Oh, and also try to manage a date with the princesses & princes that you rescue.

The game is inspired by classic adventure games, 3D platformers, and the Dark Souls series and the game may not be as casual as it may look at first glance!

Save and hit on the princesses and princes when Tower Princess launches on the Xbox Store on December 23.

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