Upcoming Roguelite Games For This Week: December 5-11, 2022

December is upon us! Let’s celebrate the holiday season with a dash of roguelite goodness!


`Tis a season to be jolly… Oh… hello, roguemates! Cerebro here from roguelites.com and December is starting off strong as we have 8 roguelite games coming out this week, so let’s get jolly! …Fa la la la la, la la la la!

We’re starting off this week with Dig Down, a fun and challenging digging and treasure-hunting adventure roguelite.

In each world you visit, you must dig as deep as possible before either your pick loses durability and breaks or you run out of time and get crushed.

As you amass wealth and improve your equipment you will be able to dig deeper and deeper, beating your previous depth records and finding increasingly rare treasures.

How deep can you dig? Find out when Dig Down launches on December 5.

A mysterious mansion has appeared on the Switch Online and PlayStation Stores, and it belonged to the 3D survival horror roguelite Paper Cut Mansion.

Play as Toby, a police detective arriving at a mysterious old mansion to solve its mysteries. Explore the mansion floor by floor as you seek to unravel the story behind this bizarre place, with each run giving you the opportunity to collect another piece of evidence to be added to your Evidence Board.

Previously terrorizing the PC and Xbox worlds last October, Paper Cut Mansion now has new targets as it launches on the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5 on December 5.

Get ready to blast away monsters in Impaler, a minimalist arena FPS roguelite.

The game is challenging, rewards movement, and each run feels different thanks to roguelite elements. Overcome the increasingly difficult hordes of monsters by upgrading your weapons & abilities.

I like the game’s retro art style that reminds me of the old DOOM games, and according to developer Apptivus, a custom engine was made for this game for extra smooth frame rates, and apparently, the game works very well on the Steam Deck and has full controller support.

With a $2.99 price tag, buying Impaler sure looks to be a no-brainer as it launches on December 6.

Developer and publisher Lioncode games has prepared an informative trailer for the turn-based tactics roguelite Mech Armada, so I’ll step aside for the remainder of the video. Mech Armada launches its Nintendo Switch port on December 6.

Happy hour has arrived in NecroBouncer a 2D roguelite dungeon crawler.

Become the NecroBouncer and toss out rowdy guests in this unusual nightclub dungeon. Raise the dead, discover hundreds of relics, ban enemies and gobble up their powers.

The game is also integrated with Twitch. Viewers can vote for artifacts, additional mana and health potion spawns, or even appear in the game as one of its wasted enemies. Choose a side and keep the good vibes alive!

It’s one hell of a good time when NecroBouncer launches on December 8!

Prepare for a unique trip within your insides in Listeria Wars, an RTS tower defense roguelite.

Manage various types of immune system cells to protect the body and fend off attacks from deadly contagions. Watch the effects of malicious pathogens and influence the immune system’s response.

A key feature of the game is its parallel viewing experience. In addition to the main game process, you can view the life of the human whose body has become the pathogenic battlefield.

Take care of your health when Listeria Wars launches on December 9.

Exterminate the ghosts of creatures you cooked in the past in Sue Shi Survival, a 2D bullet heaven roguelite.

Slay enemies to level up and pick abilities from a randomized pool, each run resulting in unique synergies. Earn scales from your runs and use them to unlock weapons, soundtracks, and runes to customize the way you play.

Descend floors for 5 minutes at a time until you meet the final boss face-to-face. Choose your weapon and character from a wide cast of unique options and dive into Standard or Blitz mode.

Defend your sushi shop at any cost when Sue Shi Survival launches on December 9.

The last game this week is Slay The Zone, a 2D bullet heaven roguelite developed and published by To Mayhem.

Face hundreds of monsters, upgrade your equipment and try to survive as long as you can. Unlock unique characters and create the best build to slaughter everyone in your path!

With each defeated horde, you will select new skills or upgrades that will help you in your quest. From a damage boost upgrade, to a black hole that sucks up and defeats enemies in an area, there are more than 20 upgrade options that will make every match unique.

Prepare to gear up and Slay the Zone as the game launches on December 10.

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