Upcoming Roguelite Games For This Week: February 20-26, 2023

Even more roguelite games arrive this week as the fierce storm rages on!


Hello, roguemates! Cerebro here from Roguelites.com and the storm intensifies this week as we have 19 roguelite games coming out, so brace yourselves for the barrage of roguelite games coming your way!

Starting us off this week is Floating Life 2, an open-world RPG roguelite.

Join Xiuxian Zong Gate, experience the rich adventure map and real-time combat, and gradually discover the truth of the Earth.

Interact with various NPCs in real-time, and explore the feature-rich adventure map and turn-based combat.

Change your fate when Floating Life 2 launches on February 20.

Survive for 10 minutes with a cute hedgehog in Animal Academy, a cute bullet heaven roguelite.

Defeat 4 stages using a variety of weapons and skills learned from the 8 masters at the animal school. Use the coins to strengthen the perk that can borrow the power of your masters to become stronger.

You gotta go fast when Animal Academy launches on February 21.

Go on a quest to repair the shattered elemental islands in Echoes of Mayhem, a souls-like action roguelite.

Fight through a randomized dungeon of monsters and bosses using a fun combo system in an attempt to reforge the world. Score loot along the way and gather resources to upgrade your town and unlock new tiers of abilities.

As you progress through the levels you will be given choices of powers called “Echoes” that will provide a unique experience with each playthrough and let you build your character how you want to play.

Your chaotic quest begins when Echoes of Mayhem launches on February 21.

Developer and publisher Blackburne Games has prepared a story trailer for the souls-like roguelite Ex Natura: Nature Corrupted so I’ll step aside for the remainder of the trailer. Ex Natura: Nature Corrupted launches on February 21.

Prepare for a month-long odyssey in Flashback, a choice-based visual novel roguelite.

Play the role of a deliveryman and live in a turbulent city for a month. Meet various characters whose fates will cross yours and usher in their own futures based on your choices.

It’s deja vu all over again when Flashback launches on February 21.

Fight, sneak, cast, and jump your way through hostile worlds in Gatedelvers, an isometric co-op action roguelite.

Play online with up to 4 players and discover the lost worlds beyond the Gates, alone or with friends. Make use of everything you find and upgrade your gear to your liking.

Charge with a sword in hand? Sneak past in a barrel? Dig a tunnel around the problem? Or maybe fire a magic beam and destroy everything in that approximate direction? If it works, it’s not stupid!

Friendships will be reinforced or ruined when Gatedelvers launches on February 21.

It’s procedural generation on another level in Striving for Light: Survival, a bullet heaven arena survival roguelite.

Experience the mysterious world of Striving for Light as an arena survival game, combining the exploration of randomly generated skill trees and exciting auto battle combat.

Experiment with more than 50 skills in a procedurally expanding skill tree as you go through 10 maps with different enemies, traps, and multiple difficulties to unlock.

With 8 different player characters and an insane amount of weapons, enemies, bosses, and a literally endless skill tree, you’ll be playing for hours on end as Striving for Light: Survival launches on February 21.

Become overpowered in Cyclo Chambers, a fast-paced top-down arena shooter roguelite.

Collect synergizing items to create an overpowered character to fight hordes of cyclops monsters. With 150 items to choose from to create frantic combinations, you’re guaranteed to have different runs every time.

Fight your way to freedom when Cyclo Chambers launches on February 22.

Grab your friends and assemble a party in Demeo, a party-based tabletop RPG roguelite.

Assume the role of the eagle-eyed hunter, mystical sorcerer, deadly assassin, protective guardian, melodic bard, powerful warlock, or boisterous barbarian.

Originally launching on the PC back in December, Demeo now finds a new home as it launches on PlayStation 5 on February 22.

Experience a horror game unlike any other in Unknown Pyramid, a first-person horror roguelite.

Escape from the complex labyrinth of pyramids while running from an unknown entity that lurks in the labyrinth! Try to reach the exit without being discovered by them. Each enemy has different characteristics, so be careful and discern what you are doing.

In addition to making full use of items, the key to escape is the “treasure” that can be found in the labyrinth. Since possessing these treasures will give you an advantage in escaping, you should actively collect them.

Attempt to escape with your life when Unknown Pyramid launches on February 22.

Create the city of your dreams in Lord of the Other World, a city builder RTS roguelite.

As the lord of the city, your mission is to collect, defeat monsters and bosses, farm safely without being disturbed, focus on improving the construction of the capital, and create your own new world!

The game integrates strategy warfare and card development gameplay, simulated business and team-dungeon gameplay, designed an urban construction model centered on prosperity and civilization, and innovated a “private territory” that did not exist in previous strategy games.

Bring your city to prosperity when Lord of the Other World launches on February 23.

Save mankind from nanoviruses in Metal Mutation, an isometric post-cyberpunk action roguelite.

Explore a cyberpunk world ravaged by company greed and technological ambition. Play alone or as a team of up to 4 players as you face waves of monsters to accumulate resources, learn attack patterns, and better prepare for the next battle.

Use various types of weapons and synergize your elements for some stylish combat and flashy combos. Upgrade your character, customize your weapons, and choose your path wisely as you fight for a better future.

Strive for a bright future when Metal Mutation launches on February 23.

Help restore peace back to your planet in Super Trunko Go, an isometric twin-stick shooter roguelite.

Immerse yourself in Super Trunko’s world as you run, blast, jump on platforms, and experience stunning environments!

Find those super weapon add-ons and blast your way through different biomes and enemies to save the planet. Each level requires you to clear nearby enemies to access further zone points.

Do you have what it takes? Find out when Super Trunko Go launches on February 23.

Free the souls of the fallen as humanity’s last line of defense in The Light Brigade, a VR-only shooter roguelite.

Journey through procedurally-generated battlegrounds and ascend the ranks of The Light Brigade to unlock new weapons, upgrades, classes, and abilities.

Powerful light magic pairs beautifully with gunplay. From infusing your rifle’s bullets with light magic to raining fireballs on enemy hordes, magic spells complement your rifle by adding more combat tools to your arsenal.

Restore light to the darkness when The Light Brigade launches on the PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 on February 23.

Take charge of the last living warriors in Tyrant’s Blessing, a tactics strategy RPG roguelite.

In this game, your ability to plan, adapt, and strategize is more important than min-maxing your units or finding the sharpest sword in the hoard.

Enlist twenty hallowed heroes, each with a distinct set of abilities that can dramatically alter the course of any battle, but beware: not everyone is guaranteed to make it to the finish line of this quest.

Originally launching on the PC back in August, Tyrant’s Blessing now enters a new realm as it launches on the Nintendo Switch on February 23.

Developer Triple B Titles and publisher Yogscast Games have prepared an informative trailer for the deckbuilder roguelite Aces & Adventures, so, once again, I’ll step aside for the remainder of the video. Aces & Adventures launches on February 24.

Survive the zombies together with a stranger in Nearly Dead – Live and Let Die, a hack-and-slash action roguelite.

Explore other regions and gather valuable items by day, and fend off hordes of enemies seeking to invade their hideout by night. Face off against the enemy hordes, combining a variety of active skills with dozens of traits and some 300 types of randomly acquired items.

Play solo or join a party of up to 4 players and protect yourselves against menacing enemies by exploring and growing with teammates, freely wielding never-before-seen weapons with a variety of patterns.

Survive the night when Nearly Dead – Live and Let Die launches on February 24.

Death awaits behind every corner in Scrappage, a top-down twin-stick shooter roguelite.

Fight your way through hordes of mutants, zombies, aliens, robots, and everything in between. At the end of each level, a ruthless boss awaits your punishment, carrying valuable loot for you to take.

Each new body part gives you a powerful active skill, and each run lets you create a new unique build of your liking.

Prepare to scrap when Scrappage launches on February 25.

The last game this week is Sun Down, a bullet heaven/farming simulator roguelite.

Farm crops, collect pets, catch fish, mine ores, and craft turrets to build a thriving farm and survive waves of monsters through four changing seasons!

Fight until Sun Down as it launches on February 25.

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