Upcoming Roguelite Games For This Week: January 16-22, 2023

It’s the new year, and a bunch of new roguelite games are still coming out left and right!


Hello, roguemates! Cerebro here from Roguelites.com and we’re back to covering the upcoming roguelite games, and this week we have 6 roguelite games coming out, so let’s get through the list right now!

We’re starting off this week with The Lost Village, a city-builder roguelite with an ancient Chinese setting.

Once there was a prosperous village of Martials, now none of it remains. As the son of the former Master, you will lead your followers to rebuild this village.

Recruit followers, enter the mysterious illusional domain and acquire lost wonders.

Will you see the rebirth of ancestors’ glory again? Find out when The Lost Village launches on January 16.

Machine learning meets horde survival in Keyboard Warrior: Dreamstate Prologue, a 2D bullet heaven roguelite with a unique art style.

Oddly enough, the base game Keyboard Warrior: Dreamstate was already released last year but if you want to get a free taste of the game, then check out Keyboard Warrior: Dreamstate Prologue as it launches on January 17.

Explore a mysterious and dangerous world and gradually discover its hidden truth in Another World – Thought Taboo, a life simulator roguelite dungeon crawler.

Set foot in dangerous areas, go through many difficulties, fight dangerous monsters, defeat extremely powerful enemies, and become the strongest in the world.

The game features up to six optional occupations, seven well-design scenes, and much more.

An otherwordly adventure awaits when Another World – Thought Taboo launches on January 18.

Prepare for an adventure with infinite fun and endless possibilities in Pixel Slayer, an idle clicker roguelite.

Slay monsters to earn resources. Buy upgrades to spawn more monsters and increase your reward. Feel stuck? Convert resources into gold and spend it for more powerful upgrades inside the prestige shop! Infinite fun, endless possibilities.

The slaying begins when Pixel Slayer launches on January 19.

Assemble a team and defeat a plethora of enemies with A Bit of Tactics, a minimalist turn-based tactics roguelite.

In the farms of Abitof, monsters are grown for their yield of rare items, but a successful harvest is not easy, for these crops fight back and their hearts yearn for tactics. Use this to your advantage, progress through the dungeon, defeat their boss and reap the rewards.

Have a lot of fun with A Bit of Tactics as it launches on January 20.

The last game this week is ULTRA LMAD, a 2D deckbuilder roguelite developed and published by Headless.

Get cards by taking classes, build a deck to battle against projects, and complete all semesters to graduate.

Each subject in a semester contains unique cards. Planning in what order to take your classes is important to defeat projects.

Fight your way to graduation when ULTRA LMAD launches on January 21.

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