Upcoming Roguelite Games For This Week: May 15-21, 2023

The roguelite genre keeps on trucking as more awesome games are on their way!


Hello, roguemates! Cerebro here from Roguelites.com and this week continues at a steady pace with 8 games coming out, and we’re giving you all the roguelite goodness in just a short while.

We’re starting off this week with Path to Warband, a deckbuilder roguelite developed and published by ForeShine Studio.

Roll for new cards and a new set will appear waiting to be recruited.

Any two cards can be fused together, creating endless combinations and infinite possibilities.

Set on a path of greatness when Path to Warband launches on May 15.

Fight off waves of evil aliens who are invading the planet in Blood Gazm, a fast-paced action arena shooter roguelite.

Gain access to a variety of powerful weapons, including guns, grenades, and other lethal tools, to fight off the alien hordes. With each new wave, players are given access to even better weapons.

The game features retro-style pixel art graphics that give the game a unique look and feel. The graphics perfectly complement the game’s intense and fast-paced gameplay.

Save the planet when Blood Gazm launches on May 16.

Prepare for a challenge of intergalactic proportions in Spaceship Survivors, a space-themed bullet heaven roguelite.

Fight against loads of alien spaceships, create unique builds to survive and kill the final boss, or go for an endless run.

There are over 30 playable spaceships you can unlock, and if you need more challenge, then the speed run mode is your go-to.

Get ready to launch when Spaceship Survivors launches on May 16.

Destroy enemies with your magic bullets in Magic Machine Gun, a 3D bullet heaven roguelite.

A large number of enemies are attacking you. While ensuring survival, try to kill as many enemies as possible.

Upgrading allows you to choose relics, and each upgrade randomly generates 5 different relics. Choose a unique combination of relics to make your character stronger.

It’s bullet heaven with a magical twist when Magic Machine Gun launches on May 17.

Mutate and evolve in Bio Prototype, a 2D bullet heaven roguelite.

A wave of irrational experimentation rushes toward you. Hurry up and mutate! Evolution! Become scarier monsters than them!

Build unique skill combos, customize your skill tree, and link organs to your brain to create exponentially increasing combos.

Originally launching on the PC last month, Bio Prototype has evolved and will launch on the Nintendo Switch on May 18.

Join a gothic battle where Good confronts Evil in Deliverance & Reign, a deckbuilder roguelite developed and published by One Up Plus.

Choose your path: bring Deliverance from Alaric’s terror, or turn into the tyrant himself and defend his Reign.

Switch freely between them at any point, with separate Saves, Progression, and Achievements to ensure the integrity of your progress.

It’s Good vs. Evil and you get to pick a side when Deliverance & Reign launches on May 18.

Spawn on a mysterious land where the law of the jungle prevails in Hero’s Land, an open-world, multi-player survival roguelite.

Unlock distinctive heroes as you progress your exploration, and train on-map pets to be your combat partners.

Dozens of distinctive heroes are there for you to unlock, using the coins you earn from each match. Every single hero has their own unique skill set and look.

Stay alive at all costs when Hero’s Land launches on May 18.

The last game this week is Roguebot, a fast-paced isometric shooter roguelite set in a dystopian steampunk future.

Your objective is to defeat an evil AI, which controls all other robots. By getting upgrades, the roguebot’s AI gets smarter. It can use different weapons and attachments that enemy machines drop when they are defeated.

Rule the cyber world when Roguebot launches on May 18.

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