Upcoming Roguelite Games For This Week: November 21-27, 2022

The roguelite genre seems to have calmed a bit this week, but that doesn’t mean that the quality of games was lesser. Tune in to see what games are coming out!


Hello, roguemates! Cerebro here from roguelites.com and things seemed to have calmed down a bit this week as we have 7 roguelite games coming out, but sometimes quality is better than quantity, so let’s go over the list right after the intro.

We’re starting off this week with a bang with Ship of Fools, a seafaring co-op survival roguelite.

Jump aboard The Stormstrider and make your voyage across the sea. Man the cannons, ready your sails, and protect your ship from sea monsters through the tempestuous seas of the Archipelago.

Frantic combat encounters with the horrifying creatures of the storm will test your teamwork. Work together to defend and repair the ship, combine item effects in powerful combos and make sure you have your shipmate’s back if you don’t want to become fish food.

Are you fool enough to stop the Aquapocalypse? Find out when Ship of Fools launches on all current-gen platforms on November 22.

It’s time to evolve with EvoluShip, a 2D bullet hell roguelite.

Control a ship with the power to absorb enemies and improve itself, and face hordes of enemies with a good variety of weapons that come randomly.

Don’t let evolution pass you by when EvoluShip launches on November 23.

One of the underrated hidden roguelite gems on Steam last year has found a new home on the Nintendo Switch: the simple RPG roguelite Monmusu Gladiator.

Play as a monster breeder and, along with your partner, overcome hardships and raise the strongest Monmusus to conquer all the tournaments!

Create your own one-of-a-kind deck and raise the strongest Monmusus by winning battles and earning Nurture Cards. Your choice between stats and events could make the difference between life and death.

Initially launching on Steam and itch.io last year, Monmusu Gladiator now sets its sights on the Nintendo Switch as it launches on November 24.

Attempt to survive in a futuristic setting in Cyber Dungeon: Excalibur, a 2D bullet hell roguelite.

Incessant attacks will leave you trapped not knowing what to do, and the opponent will spare no efforts to eliminate you, so keep moving to stay alive.

However, do be careful where you’re going and where you are. You don’t want to end up getting lost in the levels and trapped at a dead end.

Make your adventure exciting when Cyber Dungeon: Excalibur launches on November 25.

Become whoever you want, do whatever you want, and be wherever you want in Digital Frida, an arena shooter roguelite set in an online virtual reality server with the same name.

The soul of one of the players was closed inside the server. Try to get out of the digital world back into reality with the help of the abilities of your game avatar.

Explore the virtual space and face 16 types of opponents, and gather 20 types of artifacts in all 4 locations.

Survive in the arena with a crowd of other avatars when Digital Frida launches on November 25.

Bring the anarchy up and take Mr. President down in this acid space western bullet hell roguelite MECH PUNK.

The Law says waves of deaths will spawn on each planet from time to time, with the goal of killing most of the locals. Put a dozen guns on yourself and fire them all at once.

Survive in this weird world when MECH PUNK launches on November 25.

The last game this week is DreamCell: Lost in Nightmares, a 2D roguelite dungeon crawler.

Conquer your nightmares and find a way out of your dark dreams either solo or with a friend in co-op mode!

Discover over 60 collectible items as you go through over 50 enemy types. Combine different weapons and customize your character in order to produce the most OP layout possible.

Don’t let your dreams be nightmares when DreamCell: Lost in Nightmares launches on November 26.

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