Upcoming Roguelite Games For This Week: September 26 – October 2, 2022

We have a MASSIVE lineup coming to you this week, so get your popcorn ready because this is a long one!


Hello, roguemates! Cerebro here from roguelites.com and this week is a BIG one as we have 20 roguelite games coming out this week, so hold on to your hats because it’s going to be a looooong ride!

We’re starting off this week with Fried Panic, a top-down action roguelite.

Buy weapons, abilities, and even donut-producing machines. Fight through waves of eggs, lemons, chicken drumsticks, and much more.

A unique feature of this game is that you’re able to utilize over 15 unique weapons in each hand so you’re able to wield 2 different weapons at the same time.

The game is free with no microtransactions, so it will not cost anything to try out Fried Panic as it launches on September 27.

Prepare for an adventure unlike any other in Lost in Fantaland, an isometric turn-based tactics roguelite.

Choose among the Warrior, Mage, or Deceiver and explore the randomly generated world and fight on an 8×8 checkerboard. Build a powerful deck and collect a wealth of items and secret treasures.

The pixel art in the game is very gorgeous, and I’m a sucker for tactics games, so color me interested when Lost in Fantaland launches on September 27.

Blast your way through an endless horde of enemies in this pixel art top-down shooter roguelite Tekla.

Collect the remains of 9 enemy types, each with unique abilities, in order to upgrade your character for increased combat prowess.

The game features an infinite wave of enemies with heaps of upgrades for your character after every wave.

How long can you survive? Find out when Tekla launches on September 27.

One of the most anticipated indie releases is coming to Steam this week. The 2D bullet heaven roguelite Brotato.

Choose from hundreds of weapons and wield 6 of them at the same time. That’s right, you’re able to wield 6 weapons at the same time!

Survive waves lasting 20 to 90 seconds each and kill off as many aliens as you can during that time, and collect materials to gain experience and get items from the shop between waves of enemies.

With dozens of characters available to customize your runs, each game will definitely be unique, plus, of course, the 6 weapons thing, so look forward to Brotato as it launches on September 28.

An interesting roguelite set to launch this week is Dark Ill, a deckbuilder roguelite that looks to innovate the genre.

In this game, you have no hit points set, but when you get damaged, it will do harm to the cards that you currently possess. If you have no more cards left, the game is over.

After a card is damaged three times, it can be upgraded to get randomly generated attributes. Every card is in a state of flux and its unique form.

This intuitive gameplay, not to mention the beautiful artwork, makes this game very intriguing, and I’m definitely looking forward to Dark Ill as it launches on September 28.

Defend your house against this horde of… pigeons? In this bullet heaven roguelite Don’t S*** On My #!$@& Roof.

Choose a starting deity, gain experience from defeating pigeons, and build your equipment.

You have 20 minutes to defeat this huge horde that is descending on your humble home so make the most of it when Don’t S*** On My #!$@& Roof launches on September 28.

So do you fly the Battleships or the little Fighters? If your answer is “Yes”, then Lost Fleet, a 3D 3rd-person space shooter roguelite is definitely for you!

The game is a teamwork-oriented space shooter in which you and up to 5 friends command a Starfleet being chased deeper and deeper into the unknown. Your mothership is the center of the fleet, so keep it safe and feed it resources as you jump from place to place.

Over 20 Playable Ships in your fleet are flyable, from the smallest fighter to the largest battleship, each with different strategies to achieve victory. You could either dodge enemy fire to collect precious resources as a miner, scramble to provide cover for the fleet as a gunship or hold the line in massive capital ship slugging matches. However, you want to play is entirely up to you!

Go on a voyage and win the war in the stars when Lost Fleet launches on September 28.

A popular tactical autobattler roguelite Despot’s Game: Dystopian Army Builder is now ready to leave early access and launch as a full game.

Equip your team and sacrifice them through procedural dungeons as you fight enemies, and other players! Choose your loot and transform the squishy humans into wizards, cultists, ninjas, and dozens of other heroes, including the mythical stale pretzel throwers.

With perks and class combos, there are thousands of ways to build your army. The man-eating cabbage will appreciate the variety in its diet!

As mentioned earlier, Despot’s Game is about to leave early access and will now fully launch on all current gen platforms on September 29.

Save the world from the zombie horde in Eva: Final Mission, a 2D action-adventure roguelite.

As Agent Eva, you need to collect food, medicine, weapons, and survival supplies, rescue survivors, improve survival elements and combat skills, and finally complete the final mission to save the world.

Eliminate the zombie threat when Eva: Final Mission launches on September 29.

Save the Earth from an alien invasion in Looping Bravery, a 2D deckbuilder roguelite.

Travel back in time to stop an event known as “The Marking”. Pick an offensive and defensive weapon at the start, then use your hard-earned antimatter with your time manipulation device to manipulate the turns to your advantage in combat.

Fight in the past to save your future when Looping Bravery launches on September 29.

Developer Laughing Machines and publisher TinyBuild have prepared an informative trailer for the action RPG roguelite Undungeon so I’ll step aside for the remainder of the trailer. Undungeon will be making its PlayStation Store and Nintendo Switch eShop debut on September 29.

Fight against the corrupt military of Esperanza in Blade Assault, a 2D action roguelite with beautiful pixel art set in a desolate sci-fi world.

As part of the resistance force of the Undercity, your mission is to bring the corrupt to justice by becoming stronger and fighting alongside your trusty comrades.

Each character has transformable weapons that they use to battle against their enemies. Weapons can be further customized by different “Cores” and “Transform Upgrades” that appear randomly during gameplay.

Originally launching on Steam back in January this year, Blade Assault will now launch on all current-gen consoles on September 30.

Reclaim what is yours before your blood runs dry in RKR – Rush Kill Repeat, a 2D shooter roguelite.

RUSH to hunt down and KILL your enemies in the ever-changing halls of your new personal hell. REPEAT until your will fades and blood runs dry, or until your rage subsides and you claim what is rightfully yours.

Repeat the process over and over when RKR – Rush Kill Repeat launches on September 30.

A word game will have a dash of roguelite elements sprinkled to it in Words Can Kill, a word-based deckbuilder roguelite.

Travel through the fantasy world and fight monsters trying to find a more efficient way to use your letters and your gear.

Carefully plan your future turns by using letters that can give you a high score, and discarding those that are virtually unusable.

Prepare for a mad scrabble, I mean scramble, when Words Can Kill launches on September 30.

Explore the mysterious tower and try not to die while doing so in Archtower, a third-person action RPG roguelite.

Choose your hero from the list of generated adventurers. Choose wisely, because, in addition to choosing a class, certain traits and stat spreading can significantly affect your playing experience.

Raise the family clan level by getting Fame, take back the lost clan lands, and start building them up, taking various bonuses from buildings.

Get ready to fight for your clan when Archtower launches on October 1.

Fight, Collect, and Survive in Emorrior, a 2D arena shooter roguelite.

Assemble your own army of positive emotions to conquer all the bad thoughts that try to ruin your day. Each emotion gives you a different effect to make you stronger to deal with enemies.

Seize that happy ending we know you deserve when Emorrior launches on October 1.

Explore an island full of wonderful creatures in Fantasy Sprite Island, a creature collector sandbox roguelite.

Assemble spirit teams to conquer different areas of the magic island. Discover and unlock different function points, build your own home and arrange for elves to do different jobs.

You can also try leisure games, or training incubation, cultivate powerful elves, and finally challenge the endless city and eternal arena.

Fulfill your fantasy when Fantasy Sprite Island launches on October 1.

Take control of a dungeon and defeat the monsters occupying it in Hack & Schlitz, a 2D roguelite dungeon crawler.

Starting a run spawns you in a 2d-Pixelstyle dungeon where you can decide what difficulty the next room has. The higher difficulty room gives more scores and more coins, while the lower difficulty room is more safe and has a lower chance of losing a heart.

Destroy those slimes and take control of the dungeon when Hack & Schlitz launches on October 1.

Enter a world limited only by your imagination in Lady of Dreams, a rhythmic action roguelite.

The environment and missions are created based on your chosen favorite composition. Shoot hordes of demons in hell if you played a Metal or Rock song, be kidnapped by cultists to be sacrificed if you turned on Dark songs, or appear in a cyberpunk world if you played dubstep.

Let the music control your world when Lady of Dreams launches on October 1.

The last game this week is Runic, a 2D bullet heaven roguelite.

Combine Runes to craft unique spells! Survive the endless hordes of monsters as you work to break the four Runic seals!

With every death you get stronger, earning gold that can be used to purchase passive abilities and bonuses to increase your chances next time.

Break the seals and defeat the guardians before it is too late when Runic launches on October 1.

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