Upcoming Roguelite Games For This Week: September 5-11, 2022

We’re back with more upcoming roguelites and this week, 11 roguelite games are coming out, including a couple of re-launches on other platforms!


Hello, roguemates! Cerebro here from roguelites.com, and we have eleven roguelite games coming to you this week and the fun begins right now!

We’re starting off this week with a trailer from Chambers of Devious Design that explains how the game is played, so I’ll step aside for the entirety of the trailer. Chambers of Devious Design launches on September 5.

Unleash hell on your enemies to become the ultimate survivor in Discvivors, a 2D Bullet Heaven roguelite.

The game consists of several classes, each having a primary and secondary skill. Permanently improve the power and effects of both skills using the gold dropped by enemies.

You may start out feeling slow and weak, but over the course of the first few runs, you will begin collecting enough gold to purchase your first few permanent upgrades for the class you want to play and progress further and further each run.

Discvivors launches on September 5.

Command adventurers on journeys into the deepest of dungeons in Dungeon Redemption, a turn-based tactics roguelite.

Guide your band of adventurers, master survival puzzles, and dive into ever-changing maps to guard the holy contracts!

In a randomly changing battle map, you’ll control adventurers to use their skills wisely, using terrain and orientation mechanics to fight and beat aggressive monsters.

Redeem yourself when Dungeon Redemption launches on September 6.

Blast hordes of alien ships and turn them to junk in Void Scrappers Prologue, an arcade-style bullet heaven roguelite.

Collect the scrap left by ruined alien ships to upgrade your ship into an unstoppable force of destruction. Destroy bosses to choose new weapons to bolt on your ship.

The full Void Scrappers game has a tentative release date of the fourth quarter of 2022, so until then, get a hold of its free version, Void Scrappers Prologue as it launches on September 6.

An upcoming game is set to innovate the Tower Defense genre and add a little roguelite spice to it: What The Fortress!?, a Tower Defense roguelite where you carve the path for your enemies and you form the terrain.

Unlike other Tower Defense games, you have complete control over the map. Carve the path of your enemies, and set deadly traps like Ice, Water, or Magma tiles. You won’t only build towers, but construct the ways between them!

Unlock various towers from the large talent tree, from Inferno Towers, Thunder Tower, Zombie Summoner Coffin, or even Teleport Mages!

Be the savior of your fortress when What the Fortress!? launches on September 7.

A popular roguelite is coming to the Nintendo Switch this week in BPM: Bullets Per Minute, a rhythm-based first-person shooter roguelite.

Shoot, jump and dodge to the beat in an attempt to repel the forces of the underworld. You can also double jump, dash, rocket jump, and bunny hop to evade your opponents!

Choose from 10 different characters with unique strengths and weaknesses, and utilize abilities that radically alter the way you play the game, from teleport to freezing bolts.

The game will soon be officially available on all current gen platforms when BPM: Bullets Per Minute launches on the Nintendo Switch on September 8!

The developer of Isle of Arrows has also prepared an overview of how the game is played, so once again, I’ll step aside for the remainder of the video. Isle of Arrows launches on September 8.

Form an army of monsters in order to survive in Midgard in Jade’s Adventure, a turn-based RPG roguelite.

Build an army of various monsters through farming, production, and trading. With limited time and resources, defeat the enemy with what you have.

Your next adventure could very well be your last, so make the most of it when Jade’s Adventure launches on September 8.

Once upon a time, in a Far Away Land, an Evil Dragon took prisoner every royal heir he could meet. Lots of worthy suitors of every kingdom tried to face the beast, without success. Now it’s your turn in Tower Princess, a 3D platformer roguelite!

Choose your knight, invite the princess and take them to the Castle full of procedurally generated dungeons and traps!

Take a sharp and mighty sword or a long rifle that allows you to fight from a distance and upgrade it with extra abilities!

Will you and your princess live happily ever after? Find out when Tower Princess launches on September 8.

Go on a rescue mission, and infiltrate a nightclub that was once a coffin factory in Betrayal At Club Low, a dice-based point-and-click exploration roguelite.

You show up to the club with seven skills: Athletics, Cooking, Deception, Music, Observation, Wisdom, and Wit. These skills manifest as dice you’ll be rolling throughout your mission. Upgrade these skills by upgrading individual faces of your dice, then roll ’em live with real-time dice physics.

Roll the Pizza Dice and solve the mystery when Betrayal At Club Low launches on September 9.

This is a short trailer so I’ll make it short and sweet. Outnumbered is a free-to-play bullet hell roguelite and will launch on September 9.

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