We Who Are About To Die’s new update aims to improve combat controls

One of the most exciting surprises to the roguelite genre last year came in the form of Jordy Lakiere’s We Who Are About To Die. Garnering an 89% “Very Positive” rating with well over 4,000 reviews on Steam, the game became a sleeper hit due to its combat, strategy, and RPG elements, all intertwined with a bit of realism.

However, one of the game’s well-known flaws is its weird controls and movement, hindering players’ ability to do creative stuff on the pit, and even dying unnecessarily. Well, this may be a thing of the past.

On September 13, 2023, Jordy Lakiere released the Combat Controls Update for We Who Are About To Die. This major update introduces a number of new features and improvements to the game, including:

  • Third-Person Mode: Players can now toggle between third-person and first-person mode at any time. This is a welcome addition for players who prefer the third-person perspective, and it should also make the game more accessible to new players.
  • Controller Support: The Combat Controls Update also adds full controller support to We Who Are About To Die. This means that players can now enjoy the game on a wider range of platforms, including consoles and PCs.
  • New Throwing Overhaul: The throwing system in We Who Are About To Die has been completely overhauled. Throwing weapons and shields is now more effective and satisfying than ever before.
  • New Lionslayer Difficulty: The Lionslayer difficulty is a new hard mode for experienced players. It features tougher enemies and more challenging encounters.
  • Visual Upgrade: The Combat Controls Update also includes a visual upgrade to character proportions and poses. This is a minor change, but it makes the characters look more polished and realistic.
  • New Items and Fleshed Out Cultures: Over 20 new and reworked items have been added to the game, and the Owakhan and Lophosi cultures have been fleshed out with new items and lore.
  • Smart Shop Overhaul: The shop system in We Who Are About To Die has been overhauled to be more intelligent. The shop will now offer players items that they are more likely to need, based on their current equipment and playstyle.
  • New Dynamic Volumetric Fog: New dynamic volumetric fog has been added to most maps in the game. This adds to the atmosphere and immersion of the game world.
  • New Weapons & Shields Pick-Up System: A new weapons and shields pick-up system has been added to the game. This makes it easier for players to find the gear they need.
  • Combat Item Overlay: A new combat item overlay has been added to the game. This overlay allows players to quickly scan for interesting items in the environment.

In addition to the new features listed above, the Combat Controls Update also includes a number of smaller bug fixes and improvements.

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